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HALVA is a greek sweet with crumbly, mild sesame flavor. Although Halva is made in the Middle East as well, greek Halva is very famous for its delicate taste. It can be perfectly combined with chocolates, berries and other fruits creating a base that will give you volume in your aroma mix.

The flavour is available in 10ml pharmaceutical glass bottle having inner dropper and tamper-evident cap.

Ingredients: Concentrated mixture of flavours, dissolved in propylene glycol (FEMA 2940). Free of sugar and gluten.

Instructions for use: Shake before use. Open the bottle and turn down the dropper. Wait 4-5 seconds to start dropping. Add a few drops at a time and shake well or add while shaking your solution. In this way you will achieve the desired result with a smaller amount.

Suggested dilution: 2-5%

Warning! Keep out of reach of children.

6,20 €
SKU: 04-000395

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