Tobacco flavor Atmoslab KAMAKI has a special taste that stands out. Strong enough with rich taste that lasts. Exquisite, not just one more tobacco flavor...

It is a man's taste that will also beloved from women as well.

Kamaki flavor is available in 10ml pharmaceutical glass bottle with inner dropper and tamper-evident cap.

Ingredients: Concentrated mixture of flavors, dissolved in propylene glycole (FEMA 2940). It is both sugar free and gluten free.

Instructions: Shake well before use. Open the bottle and turn it upside down. Wait 4-5 seconds before you begin dropping. Add a few drops at a time and shake well or add while shaking your solution. In this way you will achieve the desired result with less quantity.

Suggested dilution: 5%
Keep out of reach of children.
6,20 €
SKU: 04-000079

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